Battlemage,Battle Mage: A Tale Of Alus (Tales Of Alus)

Featured Recommendations:Battlemage,Battle Mage: A Tale Of Alus (Tales Of Alus)

Battle Mage: A Tale of Alus (Tales of Alus)

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Magic: The Gathering - Battlemage

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The Battlemage

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Battlemage Popular Q&A

Q: How to build a battlemage in skyrim?
A: I say have a light armor enchanted to help with your magic. Then, use an enchanted weapon in one hand, and a spell in the other. Read More »

Q: What is a good battlemage class in oblivion?
A: try birthsign warier-major atribiutes inteligence and strenth-major skills destruction and conjuration and then ure other fighting skills like blade and stuff. Read More »

Q: What is best for a battlemage?
A: > Battlemage = melee weapon + magic spell. One Handed Melee Weapons in Skyrim (Damage, Swing speed) Daggers (1,4) Swords(2,3) Axes(3,2) Maces(4,1) There is no D... Read More »

Q: What race for a battlemage in skyrim?
A: i say go with a blade as your weapon because they do alot of damage. As your race im not sure lol just go with whatever you feels right. As for class i think im... Read More »

Q: What is a battlemage on skyrim?
A: Personally I believe there is three types of battlemages. There are the ones trained for war (nothing fancy just LOTS of destruction spells) There are the tanks... Read More »

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